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Aspire Building Washing

Our commercial building wash system is well-suited to buildings

and homes of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be your family home

needing a makeover, or your multi storey complex with those hard

to reach, high level surfaces which are needing a thorough clean to

improve your business appearance - Aspire is here to help.


  • We brush the walls to let the detergent work before rinsing.

  • Our Solo 433 is the detergent applicator which carries the detergent on board. This can reach very high  - up to three storeys.

  • Our detergent solution works to remove grease, oil and dirt.

  • We provide other solutions which will seal concrete surfaces to a clear gloss finish. (A concrete roof can absorb 300-500kg of water if not treated).

  • The third solution is non-flammable and is a Sodium Hypochlorite which is used to clean and bleach concrete. This helps whiten the concrete.

  • Removal of spiderwebs and dust from hard to reach places with Skyvac attachment - up to 12 metres.