Why Choose

Aspire Maintenance?

Tauranga Building Cleaning and Maintenance NZ

Doing the job properly can be an expensive process involving scaffolding, work platforms and many Health & Safety commitments. 

With Aspire Maintenance, it's easy. Our Tauranga property care services are delivered efficiently, safely, quickly and affordably.


Aspire Maintenance is committed to providing top quality service to businesses and home owners in the Bay of Plenty and beyond.

We believe that cleaning and maintaining your building appearance need to be an integral part of your regular maintenance program. 

It is vital to protect any buildings exterior surfaces from the elements. If your building maintenance is not managed correctly, this is likely to void your warranties and cause further hassles down the track.


Aspire Maintenance are experts in cleaning and removing dirt, grime, salt, mold, lichen and moss, so building surfaces look refreshed again. Superior quality products are used to provide the best possible solution for your company's assets. 


Locally owned and managed in the Bay of Plenty, Aspire Maintenance is well suited to meeting this requirement in accordance with New Zealand health and safety requirements.

Tauranga Building Cleaning and Maintenance NZ